domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

Iberian Championships

I haven't posted on the blog on the last few weeks but I've been much active.
On the last few weeks, I done 2 track races of 1000m and tried to achieve my goal for this season since I will, hardly, have another chance of finding another one (official). On the first 1000m race I did 3'00'', a new personal best, but faaar away from my 2'45'' goal. On friday, just before the Iberian Championships, I did my second 1000m race and achieved 2'56'', another personal best but 11secs away from my goal. Since I may not have another chance of doing another race, my goal maintains to the next season :)

On friday afternoon we went to Spain, Córdoba, to compete in the Iberian Championships. However, my chance of being an Iberian Champion went down the drain when I did a mp on the Long distance race.

Here are the maps:

On middle I achieved the second place, 2'58'' away from the first place and EYOC champ Algirdas Bartkevicius. I lost around 4'.

1 754 Algirdas Bartkevicius LT United LT United 26:58
2 766 Filipe Augusto [090] ADFA 29:53

This, combined with the fact of not knowing what I was going for in the sprint race, made me lose more then 5'. I lost more in a sprint then I lost in the middle distance! I wasn't focused at all:

1 754 Algirdas Bartkevicius LT United LT United 16:04
2 788 Daniel Catarino [022] CLAC 18:58
3 851 Henrique Silva [094] CPOC 19:45
4 567 Manuel López Ruiz Cádiz O-SAN ROQUE 20:01
5 766 Filipe Augusto [090] ADFA 20:37

On the Long Distance, it happened the same thing. Lack of focus which made me do a mp (that I didn't know untill the very ending of the race). Nevertheless, I lost much time (just look at control no8):

Oh well... Tomorrow I'll go to a training camp in France to train and prepare for EYOC2012 and I'll be there one week.

So, see ya next week :)