quinta-feira, 3 de maio de 2012

Long Distance and Relay Portugal National Championships


Since the last time I've posted here, I already been to France, testing the terrain and preparing for EYOC 2012, that will happen in 56 days from today! EYOC is everyday on my head with the terrains. Everyday I need to visualize the terrains and myself running there. I may have not been good in the races that I did while I was in there, but that was the way for myself to learn. I needed to do mistakes so I could learn. In EYOC there isn't going to be any room for mistakes! I need to achieve my big goals for the season!
After that, I concluded that I needed more hills training and that's what I've been preparing for the past few weeks, mixed with a lot of strength and speed training. I'm feeling really good and fit and that gives me a great confidence for my future races.

So, on the last weekend I went to Gerês to compete in the National Long Distance and Relay Champs.
On saturday it was the Long Distance race, in which I became National Champion of Long Distance. I did a safe race, without risking too much or pushing too hard. It was enough to win, even though I lost around 6'30''. Here is the map:

On sunday, I raced in Cadetes with João Rato and Oleksandr Zaikin on the 3rd leg. I lost 3 minutes but even if I hadn't lost that much time, I could recover all the last time for the first team. So we finished 2nd...

In 2 weeks I'll have my last school sport national champs and in 1 month I'll have the Middle and Sprint Distances National Champs. I may compete in H20 in sprint. I think I'm more capable of great results in sprints!

Till next time,