quarta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2012

Trip to Finland, Day 8

The fatigue day.

Today was the day that me, Luis and Miguel, decided to go by bike to Kayravali, a map 18,5Km away from Anna's house. Here is the course we did on google maps:

After that me and Luis did together a Long distance training with 6,8Km:

And then came the hard part. Doing the other 18,5Km back home.

Tomorrow we go to Vuokatti to train in the terrains of WOC2013 :)

Trip to Finland, Day 7

Today we woke up very late so we decided just to go a little to the beach and then go to a training of Rajamaen Rykmentii. We were told at the begining that we would have to be cautious and that relocation was impossible. I came to know that when I went to control no9 (thinking that I already knew where it was because I had already been there) and everything looked the same. I searched the control for 20 mins. After that I gave up. It was just training, there was no need to have an headache about it:

Trip to Finland, Day 6

In the afternoon we went to a "famous" orienteering training that usually happens on Mondays in Finland. I was so amazed for seeing so much people to just train. Even more people than in the races in Portugal!

Here is the map we did today where people had the chance to choose a course from 2 - 9 km or get a blank map and draw the course. I decided to do the 7Km one where I did a very big mistake on control no8 where I was not focused:

Trip to Finland, Day 5

Today we decided to take a rest day and just go to the beach in Sääksjärvi. Here is the course we did by bike from Kyläjoentie to there:

photo of the view at the beach