segunda-feira, 24 de setembro de 2012

Orienteering Break's Over :)

Hi guys,

I haven't been here since my days in Finland because I just needed some time off to think about the next season and what I will do to be successfull.

So in Portugal we had a little summer break from O-races and, at least for me, the break finished yesterday when we did a mass-start race in a map called Lamarosa, in Coruche. It was a very fast and easy map. I was very slow since I have only been training for 3 weeks and that's how it is going to be the beginning of my season: slow and hard. However I managed to do some stupid mistakes:

Next week comes a race that counts for the national cup and for the Iberian Championships. I've already blew my chances of being Iberian Champion with an missing point on the last race, so pressure is off. LOL. Let's see how will be my body's mood to do hard or soft races.
Hugs and kisses ;)