quarta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2012

First race in M20

The past weekend I went to Santiago do Cacém do join my first race ever as M20.

At saturday, since I was without pressure and a sore from the trainings of the week, I did a well-balanced race, with a constant and comfortable pace (no pushing) and trying not to miss since I did not want to put more distance in my legs nor did I want to race down a hill and then have to come up to punch the control.
Only BIG mistake was to control no13 where my brain shut down and I looked to the reentrant of the control and thought it wasn't there so I wandered around to make sure (lol stupid).

At sunday, my mind was just off. Did plenty of mistakes at control no4, 5, 8, 9... Some of them I'm not even sure if they are mistakes or pure stupidity:

I felt well in my first race at M20, I tend to do the courses from M20 next year. 
My goal is to achieve a good result at Long Distance of JWOC, however, I have to be much better and orienteer much faster in middle distance races. 

Best regards,

segunda-feira, 1 de outubro de 2012

2012 Iberian Championships: 2nd round

This past weekend I went to Figueira da Foz to run the 2nd round of the Iberian Championships.

Saturday I had to races, one in the morning, the middle distance with 4.0km in a sandy terrain, and another one in the afternoon, a very good sprint from my point of view with 2km.

In the middle distance I had with me my great companion and homie the whole race. This fellow was my abdominal pain/stomach pain/intestinal pain/whathefuckIdontknowwhatitisbutit'sallwaystherewhenIwanttorunseriouspain. So let's just say that I couldn't concentrate the whole race. I did it just mindless: forgetting which point I was coming from and which was I going for:

So, that abdominal pain that I had in the morning was so rough that it let my whole abdominal area sore. I was a bit afraid of that to happen again when I started. I had pinches of it the whole race and whenever I started to run faster there it was grabing me. No excuses for the mistakes and the lack of planning I made.

Sunday it was the long distance, more suited for me since I can put the same good and confortable pace from beginning to the end.
It was in a map that I already have been 2 years ago in the Selection races. I remember quite well that day. It was a rainy grey day and I did 115mins in a 7.3km race. It was so bad and I missed so much! I think I didn't know how to orienteer back then. It was so bad. Here is the map for your pleasure :)

Well, I can't say that this time it was better. To the first control I a huge mistake because the area was so green. The rest of the race went more or less but I can take many conclusions that will help me from now on to evolve :)

Greetings Orienteers.