segunda-feira, 1 de outubro de 2012

2012 Iberian Championships: 2nd round

This past weekend I went to Figueira da Foz to run the 2nd round of the Iberian Championships.

Saturday I had to races, one in the morning, the middle distance with 4.0km in a sandy terrain, and another one in the afternoon, a very good sprint from my point of view with 2km.

In the middle distance I had with me my great companion and homie the whole race. This fellow was my abdominal pain/stomach pain/intestinal pain/whathefuckIdontknowwhatitisbutit'sallwaystherewhenIwanttorunseriouspain. So let's just say that I couldn't concentrate the whole race. I did it just mindless: forgetting which point I was coming from and which was I going for:

So, that abdominal pain that I had in the morning was so rough that it let my whole abdominal area sore. I was a bit afraid of that to happen again when I started. I had pinches of it the whole race and whenever I started to run faster there it was grabing me. No excuses for the mistakes and the lack of planning I made.

Sunday it was the long distance, more suited for me since I can put the same good and confortable pace from beginning to the end.
It was in a map that I already have been 2 years ago in the Selection races. I remember quite well that day. It was a rainy grey day and I did 115mins in a 7.3km race. It was so bad and I missed so much! I think I didn't know how to orienteer back then. It was so bad. Here is the map for your pleasure :)

Well, I can't say that this time it was better. To the first control I a huge mistake because the area was so green. The rest of the race went more or less but I can take many conclusions that will help me from now on to evolve :)

Greetings Orienteers.

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  1. Aquela mítica longa em 2010. Na altura, ver aquela distância até assustava. Foi no meu dia de anos !